Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Portis to the Rescue

Next time I'm in trouble with the law, remind me to call Clinton Portis. Yesterday, the Redskin's RB, came to the defense of Atlanta's troubled Quarterback, Michael Vick. When asked about Vick's recent dog fighting scandal, Portis had this to say:

"I know a lot of back roads that got a dog fight if you want to go see it. But they're not bothering those people because those people are not big names. I'm sure there's some police got some dogs that are fighting them, some judges got dogs and everything else."

Sounds alot like any of us. As fellow Redskin, Chris Samuels, asked, "Haven't you seen Animal Planet?"

Hours later, Portis released a statement throught the Redskins, "In the recent interview I gave concerning dog fighting, I want to make it clear I do not take part in dog fighting or condone dog fighting in any manner."

Yeah, of course not.


Friday, May 11, 2007

To Succeed in the NBA, You Gotta Have Quick Feet

The evidence is really starting to stack up against Spurs Defensive Guru, Bruce Bowen. In an interview after Game 2 of the Suns-Spurs Series, Amare Stoudemire accused Bowen of going after his achilles tendon. You make the call.

Other Bowen Feet Incidents
-And the best yet...Wally Szczerbiak

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This Won't Be The Last Time We Hear From Adrian McPherson

Unfortunately for Adrian McPherson, this picture was on page 1 of our Google Image Search for "Adrian McPherson". The women, of course, are of no relation to McPherson. Yesterday, on his birthday, The Austin American-Statesman reported that Adrian McPherson, the former Florida State phenom Quarterback, has been released by Arena Football's Austin Wranglers. This led us to take a look at McPherson's career thus far:


-McPherson named Mr. Football and Mr. Basketball in the state of Florida, the only athlete to ever win both honors

-McPherson signs with Florida State, where he would later become the starting quarterback and a point guard on the basketball team.


-McPherson arrested for stealing a blank check from T&T Truck Accessories in Tallahassee, forging it, and having a friend cash it for $3,500.

-McPherson kicked out of Florida State.


-McPherson put on trial for allegations that he bet on pro, and college sports (some say FSU games as well). He was acquitted.

-With the Indiana Firebirds, McPherson becomes the youngest player, 19, to suit up for the AFL.


-McPherson drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the fifth round.


-McPherson files suit for $20 million against the Tennessee Titans after being ran over by Tennessee Mascot T-Rac who was driving a golf cart "rocket ship" during preseason warm-ups. T-Rac's picture is shown above.

-McPherson signed to an AFL contract with the Austin Wranglers.

What does the future hold for McPherson? We can't help but to think that McPherson will return home to the Tampa Bay area and vie for the starting QB role with the Buccaneers. Or try out for the Tampa Bay Storm, or the Tampa Bay Bulldogs...


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Welcome To Sports Indeed

Welcome to SportsIndeed.com. The goal of this blog site will be to provide an alternate, more personal look at professional and amateur sports including the ridiculous stories that have come to define them.


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