Friday, January 11, 2008

Divisional Playoff Picks

Well last week was a pretty good week. I went 3-1. The only game I got wrong was the Bucs game and I got it horribly wrong. After the first quarter I was about 100% confident in my pick and then they just fell apart. It was sad to watch. Garcia played awful, refusing to throw the ball more than 10 yards in the air. It was like watching a high school quarterback. I think the Bucs need to draft a franchise quarterback next year or trade for Donovan McNabb. I would prefer the latter. Knowing Gruden's penchant for veterans it seems like Mcnabb could be a good fit. He is also mobile and could play the Rich Gannon role to perfection in Gruden's offense.

On to this weeks picks.

Seattle at Green Bay (-7.5)

Seattle's defense looked solid last week. But the offense looked really bad. Hasselbeck was woefully inaccurate and Shaun Alexander has lost everything. Maurice Morris is serviceable but that is about all you can give him. They have to travel to Lambeau and play a Packers team that had a week off to rest and possesses better talent on the offensive side of the ball. The Packers corners should be able to contain Branch and Hackett. I just don't see how this team could beat the the Packers in Green Bay. I mean they barely got by a mediocre Redskins team with a 40 year old QB in Seattle. It' possible that Seattle loses by less than 7.5 but that is much more unlikely than the Packers winning by 10 or more. So although I hate the Packers I have to take them to cover.

Jacksonville at New England (-13)

Brady is going to carve up the Jacksonville secondary. I could see him putting up 5 TDs on them. I do wish this line was a little lower though. New England has been playing way too many close games lately to justify a 13 point line. On the other hand, they are rested and the game is at Foxborough. Jacksonville, however, has a really good power running game. So basically I think Jacksonville could cover, but not win. I could see it being a close game and I could see it being a blowout. This makes it a really tough pick. In the end, you have to go with Belicheck and Brady to cover.

San Diego at Indianapolis (-8)

I don't see San Diego making this a close game. Indy is getting Harrison back and it's at the RCA Dome. Without Gates San Diego has absolutely no shot. LDT looked very pedestrian against Tennessee last week. Now I know Indy's run D is not as good as Tennessee's but it is a respectable unit. No chance Rivers outplays Manning. Thus, the Colts to cover.

New York at Dallas (-7.5)

No one wants to take all the home favorites, but I don't see how I can help it. The Giants must be worn out at the point. Whereas, the Cowboys are well rested and the game is in Dallas. Can the Giants really win two playoff road games in a row? This seems highly unlikely. Owens should play, which to me puts this game over the edge to Dallas who has already beaten New York twice this season. Some people seem to point to Dallas's two wins this season as a disadvantage because "it's so hard to beat a team three times in the same season." This seems like complete nonsense to me. The giants have had two tries to prove they are as good as the dallas and they failed both times. You think the Cowboys are going to let this game slip by and not be prepared? Ridiculous. The cowboys to cover.


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