Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jerry Reese is a Moron

On Thursday Jerry Reese, the new GM of the Giants, basically stated that Luke Petitgout, whom the Bucs signed this off-season from the Giants is not good at the game of football:

People act like Petitgout was the second coming. He never made the Pro Bowl, and I don't think he ever was a first alternate. Now all of a sudden he's the savior? That's ridiculous. I don't think we're that bad off without Luke Petitgout. He was not a star left tackle. He was a solid left tackle on some occasions and other times he wasn't. Luke has been a marginal player for a long time.
This seems like a pretty stupid thing for a GM to say. What is the point? Why not just say you have confidence in your new left tackle? It does not really seem necessary to ridicule the player who just left. First off, I can tell you right now that if Jerry Reese ever has to deal with Petitgout in any capacity there are going to be some problems for Reese. It is not unusual in the NFL for a GM to have to deal with a player later on in the player's career or even after the player has become a coach. Why burn your bridges? Furthermore, we are sure Petitgout's agent is non too happy about Reese's comments. This may come back to bit Reese in the ass if he ever has to deal with a another player represented by Petitgout's agent.

Reese's inexperience is showing. He reminds us a lot of Matt Millen when he first started out with the Lions. We would not have much confidence in our team's future if we were Giant's fans.

But as Bucs fans we would like to thank Reese for giving Petitgout a little inspiration

I don't know why he [Reese] is talking about me. I really have no comment, but it's going to be a nice thing to hang in my locker all season.

Giants fans can't be happy with the fact that their ex-left tackle handles the media better than their GM. Or with the fact that Eli Manning is their starting quarterback.



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