Saturday, July 28, 2007

Notes from the Friday D-Rays - Red Sox Game

1. We started talking about the possibility of J.P. Howell throwing a no-no in the second inning. When he still had not given up a hit after three innings we seriously wondered if it was the longest a D-Rays pitcher had carried a no-no all season.

2. There were substantially more Red Sox than Devil Rays fans. Many of them were wearing absurd, green Sox paraphernalia which made us hate them even more. Some took it the full nine yards, and had the green Sox jersey along with the green hat which was propped on the head in some sideways fashion. We can say with confidence that every single one of these guys is a douche bag.

3. Women love them some Red Sox. Female Sox fans outnumbered female D-Rays fans at least 5-1. We are fairly certain that none of these women actually like or know anything about baseball they just enjoy being trendy. We vowed to never date a girl who says she likes the Red Sox.

4. When Maddon came in and took out Howell we were not happy. What were the chances that the bullpen could hold that lead at 1-0? Maybe 1 in 50? Probably more like 1 in 100. We found out later Howell was on a 90 pitch count, but still couldn't Maddon have used some flexibility when he had only given up one hit through 5+? Kevin Youkilis parked one into left field 4 pitches later.

5. Manny Ramirez does not hustle down the line. Perhaps because he is weighed down by his extraordinarily long hair. But he does hit the ball just ridiculously hard.

6. It is really easy to tell that BJ "Bossman Junior" Upton is new to centerfield. He took the worst path possible to the ball on Ramirez's double. And trust us, it takes Manny a while to make it to second.

7. Brendan Harris has the best intro song of any D-rays hitter by far - GnR's "Welcome to the Jungle".

8. They cover up the devil ray "touch tank" in the eight inning. But why? Are they trying to simulate night for the Rays. Seemingly light can still get through the sides of the tank. Very odd.

9. We decided that D-Rays chances of coming back in the bottom ninth down 7-1 were somewhere between 1-1000 and 1-100,000. Probably closer to the latter.

Gotta love the Rays.




Anonymous said...

Sports indeed is a incredible site and the notes of the drays/red sox game are right on the money. I was at the game too.

Muck Fiami said...

Tremendous post.

1. Without a doubt the longest any D-rays pitcher has carried a no-no this year.

2. Outstanding. Needed to be said.

3. I've experienced watching baseball next to a female Red Sox "fan" and I have to agree, as she understood absolutely nothing about the game. She made me want to smash my head with a baseball bat.

4. Good luck with newly acquired Grant Balfour. He's certain to turn your bullpen around.

5. Manny is a bum.

6. Watch replays of Bill Hall for poor centerfield play. Or, see the last line of response to item #3 to save yourself time.

7. Quality song.

8. Perhaps they're simulating the play of the D-rays, as they often pack it in after the 7th inning (see item #4).

9. So you're saying there's a chance?

Anonymous said...

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