Monday, July 23, 2007

Pray For The NBA

Every hour, it seems more details are unfolding around the Tim Donaghy scandal (including the fact that I live 5 minutes from this guy). I can’t really say it any better than this Bill Simmons article, but the NBA could be in a real mess. If Donaghy starts talking, which is a real possibility...

talk + write a book + make public apology = Pina Colada's in the Bahama's


stay quite + prison Bruce = long nights in the slammer

...and other refs or players are involved, this thing could get real ugly. After all, there’s nothing that middle class / blue collar America would love to hear more than NBA players, who are already make ridiculous six and seven figure minimums, point shaving games for a little dough on the side.

Tim Donaghy- Game 3, 2007 Spurs vs. Suns


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