Friday, April 11, 2008

Al Reyes' Arrest: A "Sports Indeed" Exclusive

As you've probably heard by now, Al Reyes was arrested early this morning at a currently undisclosed Hyde Park bar/night club after a scuffle with another patron while celebrating his birthday. If you want to know what the cops are reporting, go here. If you want to know the real story, keep reading.

What really happened:

Al Reyes was trying to enjoy his night at trendy South Tampa nightclub "McDinton's" alongside 4,042 douchebag Plant High School Alumni. Although there were a few attractive women, the girl-guy ratio remained 56.7:1. To his left was a recent FSU graduate wearing a black muscle shirt who looked strikingly like Chris Rix, on his right was "Chad" who won't stop talking about his Dad's company while spitting terrible game at the blonde female next to him. While ordering a $6.50 Bud Light, he feels a push and then lands on a ceramic pot adorned with an out of place "Adobe Theme." The rest of the police report is accurate...
“I just want to apologize again to my teammates, the whole organization … for what happened last night.”
Don't apologize, anytime I roll into a South Tampa nightclub, I want to spit some blood too.

So after being arrested and spending a night in jail what does he do? Retires Jay Payton and Ramon Hernandez in the 8th with a busted face and gets the win.

¡Viva Al Reyes!


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