Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Morning After: Game 8

Mariners 7 (4-5), Rays 1 (3-5)

CC did not do anything particularly bad. This LVP somewhat reflects his body of work so far this season.

LVP: Carl Crawford


  • Sonnanstine allowed two runs in the third. That is not the highlight. The highlight is the fact that he had a runner on third with one out and that runner ended up being stranded. First he struck out Beltre then he made a great defensive play going to his left on Ibanez. One thing that has always impressed me about Sonnanstine is his resilience. He takes a lick and keeps on ticking. A very similar thing happened in the 6th after he gave up a couple runs; he had no outs and runners on 1st and 3rd. He ended up getting the first out on a pop-up and then got the next hitter to ground into a double play.

  • Aybar had a good game at the plate and in the field. He was three for four with a couple doubles. In the field, he made at least four very good plays that I saw. His defense continues impressing me game after game.


  • Ruggiano did not look too good in the outfield. He made a crappy throw home on a sacrifice fly in the third. Then in the fourth he let a fairly routine liner go over his head in right for a double. It looked as if he may have lost the ball in the lights.

  • Howell did not pitch too well. He was alright except for the one long-ball he gave up, but his final line did not look too good.

  • Overall, Sonny’s outing was nothing to write home about. He went six and gave up four. A lot of guys hit the ball hard off of him. He looked like he had decent control and movement. On a lot of other days he might have been in the mix for the win, but the way the Rays have been hitting lately giving up any runs is going to result in a loss.

  • The bats were silent yet again. CC isn’t hitting, Pena didn’t hit, Bartlett and Aki continue to struggle. If you can’t get more than ten hits in a game you are rarely going to be competitive. Maybe Batista will wake the bats up tomorrow.


This is now four losses in a row and I am starting to get a little worried. It’s especially bad for such a young team to have a losing streak this long early in the season. I think tomorrow is a big game. I am really hoping that everyone will start hitting and that E-Jack will get his second victory of the year. That would prevent the Rays from being swept in their home opener and it would give them a little momentum going into the next series.

News and Notes from the Game

  • Sonny went to Kent State of all places.

  • I thought it was interesting that Cliff Floyd really when out of his way to complement Maddon on how well he is managing this season. Floyd was interviewed by the announcers during the 5th. It really sounds like the players respect Maddon.

  • The attendance looked pretty sparse on TV.

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