Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Four Players on the Orioles Who I hate.

It was easy to get fired up for the Red Sox series, because there is so much inherently hate-able about Boston. I'm finding it a little harder to get quite so fired up about playing the Orioles even though they are in first place. Thus, I present some players I hate on the Orioles. This should help get you into a good mood for tonight's first-place match-up.

4. Melvin Mora -- He hit .350 one year and now he thinks he is some kind of all-star. Also, he probably is at least 38 years old.

3. Kevin Millar -- I hated him when he was on the Red Sox and I hate hit now. Plus, his batting stance and bat waving are really, really annoying. Oh yeah, and he's fat.

2. Aubrey Huff -- He didn't even try to hit for the Rays in his final season in Tampa. Now, the only time he tries is against the Rays.

1. George Sherrill -- Have you ever been walking down the street and you see a guy and you hate him immediately? Yeah, that's how I feel about Mr. Sherrill. One look and you know he's a complete douchebag. Why don't you try bending the brim of your cap a little their skippy.



Tommy said...

I'd put Millar at the top of my list. Don't forget Brian Roberts he's a super pain in the ass against the Rays.

Possum Avenger said...

Yeah, it seems like Roberts kills us every time we play them. But for some reason I have trouble disliking the guy. Maybe I just have respect for 5'10" white guys who succeeded in baseball, since I couldn't.

AG said...

Better add Mr. Sarfate to the list, apparently he wants to talk shit after giving up 67 runs

Luana said...

Keep up the good work.