Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Morning After: Game 20

Blue Jays 4 (10-11), Rays 6 (9-11)

This was a very big win for the Rays. This series against the Blue Jays and the one this weekend against the Red Sox are the two most important to date.

MVP: Eric Hinske


  • Hinske had a big day. His first three at bats resulted in a double, a triple, and a homerun. He had one shot to get a single to complete the cycle, but he struck out on three pitches. He continues to be the most consistent hitter on the team.

  • Lonoria’s hit a long bomb to center to get the Rays on the board. I have been impressed with how well he works the count. I don’t think it would be a stretch to say he is already one of the Rays three best all around hitters.

  • Navi is a hit machine. He was tearing it up the minor leagues during his rehab stint and nothing changed during his first start for the Rays in nearly three weeks. He stroked three singles, two of which produced RBIs. He also managed to throw out a runner trying to steal second. So, yeah I guess he really is better than Riggans.

  • Shields did not have his best stuff, but he fought through it for his second win of the season. After Vernon Wells obliterated the ball to left field Shields really clamped down and worked efficiently.

  • Wheeler and Percival did their jobs. Combined they faced six hitters and all six of those Jays were retired. The bullpen has been shockingly good this season.


  • Hinske made another terrible defensive play. A grounder was hit to first and he bobbled it. Not only did he bobble the ball, but even after it was obvious that the runner was going to be safe he decided to make an awful toss to Shields which was uncatchable. This error led to two runs scoring. I can’t wait to get Pena's Gold Glove back out their at first.

  • The Rays tried a safety squeeze with Aki bunting and Haynes on third. It was a good idea but the execution was poor. Aki bunted the ball pretty much directly back to the pitcher who was able to throw out Haynes.


This was a big win for the Rays. The Rays are now 4-0 in Orlando. Maybe they should just play every game at Disney.

News and Notes

  • The Rays traded for CF Gabe Gross of the Brewers. They will likely send down Ruggiano to make room on the roster for Gross.

  • I’m not sure why everyone thinks this Blue Jays team is going to be so good. Their lineup imparts absolutely no fear in me.


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