Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Morning After: Game 13

Yankees 8 (7-7) , Rays 7 (6-7)

First, I will start with an update on MVPs and LVPs from the weekend since we did not get a chance to post. Friday’s MVP was Carlos Pena (hit two homeruns) and Saturday’s LVP was Dan Wheeler (threw a meatball to the O’s terrible catcher).

Last night’s game was a tough loss. Longoria hitting that homerun to tie it at 7 was definitely the most excited I have been this season and one of the most euphoric moments for me as a Rays fan over the past ten seasons. I was running around my apartment screaming like a fool. Of course, Reyes came in and blew the game as he is prone to do. Accordingly, he is rewarded the LVP (his second of the season). In all honesty, this award could go to Sonny, but I really hate the way Reyes has pitched this season. Fat piece of crap.

LVP: Al "coffee can" Reyes


  • CC is finally starting to get hot. After his two RBI performance yesterday he came through with a big two run homer to get the comeback started. Douche bag Yankees fans were chanting “overrated” during his at-bats. The Yankees are slowly becoming more hate-able then the Red Sox. Maybe that’s just because the Rays have not played the Red Sox yet this season.

  • Upton absolutely destroyed a ball to center. The funny thing is he was very late on the first three pitches of the at-bat. It was a silky smooth, effortless swing that resulted in a 420 foot bomb to center. The brought the Rays within 1 at 7-6

  • Longoria came through in a big way. He hit a nice double to the right center gap that looked like it was going to be an easy catch when it was hit. He obviously has a lot of pop and very quick wrists. Longoria went on to smack a ball into the left field stands to tie the game at 7-7. It was an excellent at bat and the crowd was going nuts after he hit it.

  • While Sonnanstine was completely ineffective in every possible way, Dohmann came in and pitched superbly. He went 3 and 2/3rds and gave up no runs. He got into a couple jams but was able to make pitches when he needed to. Excellent job – he was really starting to creep into the doghouse, but this performance kept him safe for at least a few games. He was throwing fairly fast, usually in the low 90s. But I am sure it looked like it was coming at about 110 after facing Sonny’s garbage balls.


  • Bartlett continues to struggle in the field. He made a bad play that allowed Jeter to reach on a grounder and he almost threw a ball away on another grounder. Luckily, Carlos “Gold Glove” Pena came through with an amazing pick.

  • Longoria also made an error. It was a pretty sharp hit ball to his left that he bobbled. Aybar definitely would have made the play. Of course, Aybar’s hitting is far inferior to Evan’s bat.

  • Sonny absolutely stunk. It was a like a home run derby in the first two innings. Even Morgan Ensberg hit a home run. Really? Morgan Ensberg? Awful. It didn’t stop there; after pitching a relatively uneventful third the Yankees started smacking him around again in the 4th. He was throwing absolute meatballs up there. I am relatively sure I could have hit a home run off some of those pitches.

  • Dear Al Reyes,

Fuck You, you fat turd. I wish you would have gotten tased three times.



  • Does anyone have Al’s address? I would like to send him this note. The note will come in a brown package which also contains a coffee can. Said coffee can will contain not coffee, but feces. Reyes will open it and be disgusted. Would this be illegal? Probably not worth finding out. Seriously though, Cano absolutely obliterated that ball. It was just crushed. You have to give Cano some credit. I mean that was a seriously tricky 75mph change up right in the wheelhouse. Stop using Reyes in key situations. He has lost it!!!!! In other news, my new nickname for Reyes will be coffee can.

  • Upton got thrown out stealing third with no outs and the Rays down 7-2. Unbelievable. Why? It just made no sense. It ended up costing the Rays at least one run. A run that would have tied the game. I think it is safe to say that Upton is one of the least skilled base runners in the majors. Rarely does a night go by where he doesn’t have a gaffe on the base paths.


This is the kind of game this Rays team will have a chance of winning this season. They have an explosive offense (even if has been relatively silent so far this season). At any time they are ready to explode with 5+ runs an inning. Rallies like this are what make the team so exciting to watch. While very disappointing, this game offered a glimpse into how exciting the Rays will be over the next few years. Now all they need is a decent bullpen.

News and Notes

  • The Indians had a four to three lead going into the ninth against the Red Sox. Borowski proceeded to come in and let the game tying run score and then let Manny drill one into the left field seats. Super.

  • If you did not see Dennard’s play in right field against the Tigers you need to check it out. He was going back on a deep fly and leapt at the wall. The ball was in his glove and then popped out and went over the fence for a home run. It would have hit off the wall if he hadn’t of gotten in the way. No wonder he hasn’t earned a starting spot even though he was drafted six years ago.
  • Rays the Roof now has three official nicknames for players: 1) Nathan "no hit" Haynes based on his inability to get a base hit 2) Al "coffee can" Reyes based on our desire to send him a coffee can with turds in it, and 3) Carlos "gold glove" Pena based on our feeling that he should win the gold glove.


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