Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Name

Thanks to all 25 of you who voted in our "new name" poll. We are strongly considering going with the name "RaysTheRoof". This change should take effect in the next week or so. Wade Bloggs still has an outside chance, but RaysTheRoof seems just a little too good to pass up. Absurd yet great.

We will even have a shortened name: RTR. Great news all around.

Hopefully we will be able to design some logo to go along with the new name. We have an expert in those types of things on "staff", but he is currently studying to be a dentist or something and is always complaining about being busy. yada. yada. yada. We all have hard lives. Man Up.

Also, we will be posting a debate between two staffers about the new uniforms tomorrow. Please be sure to check it out. Wednesday will be an otherwise slow Rays news day since they have the Tuesday off.


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