Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Around the Rays Universe April 1st

  • Cork live blogged the game while he drank in Texas. He also somehow had access to MLB EI while in Texas. Good times. Of course, I couldn’t read it since I was DVRing the game (Rays Index).
  • DraysBay had an absurd amount of comments in their game thread post, most of which appeared to lack humor, but I only really looked at like ten of them (DRaysBay).
  • It seems unlikely that Zobrist will rejoin the team in on April 5th. We are probably looking at a week or so after that (Rays Baseball).
  • Sternberg made the trip to Baltimore to watch the Rays’ opening game (Rays Baseball)

"I think it's about the players. We try to focus on that, and not the dollars spent. But about the quality of the players we have on the field, and as we said last August, most teams really didn't look forward to playing us at the end of last year. And I think they're looking forward to it even less this year. And it's clear, regardless of how our record goes the first week to month, that we're no laughing stock anymore."

  • John Romano analyzes the possibility that the Rays can win 88 this year. He looks at historical precedent in analyzing the Rays chances. A good read (The St. Pete Times).
  • Joe Henderson talks about how the Rays new additions stepped up on opening day (The Tampa Tribune).

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