Friday, April 25, 2008

Rays Rays Rays

Below is the transcription of a text message I received from "DN" at 11:36 pm Friday night.

"Taking shots of jamison irish whiskey. watching the rays win. Great mother fucking times"

I could not agree more. Make sure you take an extra shot for Nathan "no hit" Haynes.

Update: I received a second text from "DN" at 1:14 am Saturday morning.

It read "Mother ducking says"

My interpretation of that drunken text is "mother fucking rays."

Let's go.


1 comment:

The Professor said...

tequilla and lime here. one for every time i curse haynes name...including the 9th inning when Haynes pinch ran for Pena...makes no sense. run didnt matter with winning run on 2nd and Pena the DH...why PR there? but hey. what do i know. apparently better to have Haynes up in 11 than Pena. WooHOO!!!