Friday, April 25, 2008

The Morning After: Game 22

Blue Jays 3 (10-13), Rays 5 (11-11)

Thank God we Extra Innings subscribers did not have to suffer through another broadcast by the Canadians. I have never been so happy to hear Dewayne Stats.

MVP: Andy Sonnanstine

  • Andy Sonnanstine was excellent. His line may not be that impressive but he pitched very well. He had good control and command all night long. Only one ball was hit hard against him all night. He was very unlucky giving up the first two runs. It was bloopers and infield hits all around. He is now the Rays leader in wins with three.
  • The bullpen came in and did their job once again. Who ever would have thought the bullpen would be the strength of this team? Glover pitched great and has been pitching great all season. He filled in admirably for Wheeler. Miller did his job as well. Things got a little dicey with Percival. The Jays were able to get the tying runs in scoring position, but Percival bore down and stuck out one batter then got a pop out from the next guy. This is his third save in as many days. Maddon said after the game that he will NOT be used tomorrow.
  • Longoria had another good game. He legged out a triple and also had a double, a sacrifice fly, and a walk. He is very rapidly becoming the Rays best hitter and he has only been in the league a couple weeks. Amazing.
  • Crawford had another three hits tonight. He is now officially back to his old self -- smacking the ball all over the field. The whole offense just seems to function better when he is on.
  • Navi had another nice day at the plate. He reached base three of his four times up and has an rbi single.
  • Hinske continued to deliver clutch hit after clutch hit. He had another crucial RBI single tonight.
  • When Pena is bad, he is really bad. My god. He stuck out twice and did not look good doing it. This reminds me of earlier in his career where he would go through tremendous, long slumps. I hope this one does is not prolonged, but I have a very bad feeling about it.
  • Navi's defense leaves a lot to be desired. He can't throw anyone out, he lets a lot of balls by that he should block, and he has forgot to cover home twice in the last three games! Not good at all. His miscues have directly cost the team three runs.
  • Gabe Gross did not impress me to much with his bat, but at least he sees a lot of pitches when he is up there. Also, he appears relatively competent in the field.

What a big time win for the Rays. This is their first three game winning streak of the season and gives them much needed confidence and momentum heading into their most important series of the season. In order to be in the playoff hunt, the Rays need to play well at home. This weekend, against the Red Sox, is their first chance to prove to themselves and to the rest of the league that they are a force to be reckoned with -- not in two years -- but right now. I am really excited to see if this ball club steps up to the challenge and wins the series. Plus, I hate the Red Sox.

Garza comes off the DL to face Wakefield. As we are all aware, Wakefield has owned the Rays over his career. Tomorrow is a good day to start showing that this team is different from all of the ones over the past ten seasons. Go Rays!


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