Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Around the Rays Universe March 4th

  • Outs per Swing takes a detailed look at Fernando Perez. His Ivy League education and blazing speed have always been an interesting combination (Outs per Swing).
  • Cole Hamels thinks he and Scott Kazmir are pretty comparable pitchers. Kazmir got less than the Phillies have decided to renew at with Hamels. So maybe Cole should shut his pie-hole. He's got a gorgeous wife (see above) and is making 500K a year (Philly Inquirer).
  • From the recent comments of St. Pete's mayor it seems like he would support the new stadium proposal if the Rays changed there name to the St. Pete Rays. A nice analysis of the of this request by the Prof follows the quotes. No chance in hell. Let's hope this is not a sticking point for getting this thing built (Rays Index).
  • Excellent article from a Korean news service translated into English. "I want to be like Park Chan-ho" says Ryu. At least he's aiming high (Donga).

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