Friday, March 7, 2008

The Morning After: Rain Again

Rays 6 (5-1), Phillies 4 (5 innings)

Another day, another game on gameday audio. Phillies announcers were fairly good. But they kept calling them the Devil Rays and then going "oops, I mean the Rays" and laughing hysterically. That got old quick.

Only got five innings in before the rain came, but that is all that is needed to make it official. Apparently, one of the grounds crew got caught beneath the tarp when they pulled it out. The Phillies announcers yucked it up for a good minute about the misfortune of this poor girl. Gotta love spring training games on the radio.


  • The Rays beat up on Adam Eaton. Aki led off the game with a homer. Crawford and Gomes hit doubles and Bartlett legged out a triple. By the time Eaton was done the Rays were up 4 to 0.
  • Crawford hit a triple and then Pena drove him in with a homerun -- his first of what will hopefully be many this season.
  • Percival made his first appearance of the season and pitched a perfect inning.


  • Shields got roughed up just a bit, giving up a two run homer in his second inning of work.
  • Balfour gave up a two run homer to Utley. The announces said the ball landed right on the the top of the wall and then bounced into the bullpen.

Everything is looking good so far. The bats are clicking and pitching has been ok. Hopefully, we don't get too many more rainouts, the Rays are, of course, very young and need all the work they can get.


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