Saturday, March 8, 2008

Around The Rays Universe March 8th

  • Kazmir is progressing quickly from his elbow strain. He should be making his first spring training appearance on March 14th of 15th (St. Pete Times).
"By doing that we could get him on task, or back on, possibly for the opening day of the season," Maddon said. "We'll be able to build back from the moment we know he can pitch in that game. ...

"From what I saw today I'm pretty optimistic. He looked normal, and he was not holding back, and I think it could be right about that time he's going to be ready to go."

  • The news is not so good for Rocco. 1) he still looks goofy and 2) his "mysterious" ailment is back. This is starting to look a lot like last season. I would not be surprised if we don't see him suit up for the Rays in '08. Apparently he is just as frustrated as all the fans, It's hard to be mad at the guy. Really, I just feel bad for him (Rays Report).
But, he said, as frustrating as it is for the people out there who want to know exactly what’s wrong and exactly how long he’s going to be out, it’s 1,000 times more frustrating for him. He’s not one to give updates on every little medical test he’s given, mostly because they haven’t been conclusive. So, the mystery continues.
  • If Rocco starts the season on the DL we agree that his roster spot should go to Justin Ruggiano. We are not sure how much Ruggiano would play though. Seemingly, Gomes would get a shot to be the everyday right-fielder -- something he has been pining for not just this spring, but his whole career (Rays of Light).
  • The Prof takes a detailed look at what the Rays options are next year and in the future with Rocco. We tend to think that if he doesn't play a single game this year they should just give him the 4 million dollar buyout. No reason to spend any extra money on someone who is dead weight (Rays Index).
  • John Romano writes up a good piece about the positive influence of Percival in the clubhouse. He is quickly becoming one of four favorite Rays (St. Pete Times).


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