Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Around the Rays Universe March 5th

  • David Price and Brian Anderson are slated to pitch for the first time on Saturday at Legends Field against the Yankees. Hopefully, some rays will show up and the stands won't be dominated by annoying NY transplants (The Heater).
  • Maddon is getting me fired up. I especially like the fact that he does not care what the general public thinks (
"Within the group, we're going to have a very high level of expectations, Maddon said. "It really doesn't matter what the general public thinks, I know what the guys think. I'm really going to refrain from stating any numbers. All I know is that what we want to see is progress. That can be measured in so many different ways, but primarily it has to be measured through wins -- no question, you've got to get more wins."
  • Aki has no problem switching to second. He just wants to help the team. Having guys like him around remind me why I am so glad Delmon is gone (Tampa Tribune)
  • Another reason to hate Red Sox fans. Some idiot Red Sox fans put a guy wearing a Yankees cap into the hospital for the simple reason that he was wearing a Yankees cap. Of course, they all jumped him at once. We wouldn't want a fair fight or anything. God, I hate Red Sox fans. (Wicked Local via The Big Lead)

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