Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gambling on the Rays -- Over/Under

Odds that we could find:

Over/Under on number of games Devil Rays will win: 74 (Bodog)

We think this is a good bet. Of course, we are the jackasses that bet an over/under of 80 with two people. It seems like a fair line and is in fact pretty optimistic.

If you look through the odds we are actually ahead of quite a few teams:

Nationals -- 71.5
Giants -- 71.5
Pirates -- 68.5
Athletics -- 73.5
Twins -- 73
Marlins -- 68.5
Royals -- 72.5
Orioles -- 66

So we are projected by Vegas to have a better record than 8 teams. Not bad. Certainly, not good, but that seems fair.

As for the two bets we made against a Blue Jays fan and Brewer fan:

Jays -- 85
Brewers -- 84

Ouch. Gotta stop drinking that Rays Kool-aid.


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