Friday, March 14, 2008

Suspensions, Fines, and a Nonsensical Explanations

It looks like the fallout from the most recent Rays-Yankees Incident has come to fruition. I am pleased.

Suspensions and Fines
Rays- Jonny Gomes (2 Games)
Yankees- Shelley Duncan (3 Games), Melky Cabrera (3 Games)

Yankees- Coaches Joe Girardi, Kevin Long, and Bobby Meacham (All fines undisclosed)

Duncan thinks the suspension was unfair...

Quote #1: "I spent six years in the Minor Leagues scratching and clawing to get where I am today, I've worked as hard as I can every single day and left my heart and soul out on the baseball field every single game."

Quote #2: "I've been completely drained when I go in the clubhouse. I never let a single player or team out-hustle me on the field. I take pride in my work ethic and how I play this game. I'll continue to play as hard as I can."

Quote #3: "For some reason, people assumed I made retaliatory remarks, which I never did, not one time did I ever make a comment about retaliation, or foul play or about playing this game dirty or malicious. Someone asked how I was going to play the game. I told everyone who asked me, 'I was going to play the game hard. I was going to match their intensity, or even exceed it."

Wow, he hustles. It's not like anyone else in Major League Baseball gives his all every game. However, when one makes a statement like "I'm going to match their intensity" after a controversial play, and then goes in spikes high in the second inning the next time the two teams meet, a suspension is on the way, premeditation, first degree. Obviously, there's a difference between "hustle" (running through a catcher blocking the plate in the 9th) and "cheap shot" (sliding into second base with your cleats 3' in the air).

Also, it's funny that Gomes got less days than both Cabrera and Duncan, being that his retaliation caused the benches to clear.

The next two Rays-Yankees games should be fun to watch.


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