Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Morning After: 4 Game Winning Streak

Unfortunately, for those of us outside of the Bay Area the audio for the game was not available through mlb.com's Gameday Audio. The live stream of WHNZ 1250's website does not include major league games as stipulated by the MLB so we were out of luck. But how can we complain, we got a "live" box score. The thrill cannot be overstated.


  • We won. Four in a row.
  • Sonny came out to pitch in the ninth with a one run lead and shut the door on the Tigers. He was facing minor leaguers, but it is good he looks sharp early on regardless of the competition.
  • Gomes got two hits. One of which was a solo homer. If he wants significant playing time this season it is important that he play well in the spring or he could just wait for Rocco to get hurt.
  • Iwamura had a triple and scored a run.
  • Zobrist kept up his hot start - getting on base two out of his three plate appearances.


  • Garza faced ten batters, five of which reached base. It also took him 35 pitches to get out of the first inning . Neither of those things is a good sign. Let's hope he can get things turned around. Maybe he was trying to hard to impress his new team?
  • Willy Aybar made an error at third .
  • A number of other pitchers besides Garza pitched poorly.

A win is a win. We definitely would have liked to see a better outing for Garza, but it's early and we presume that he may have put a lot of pressure on himself. This game goes to show that the Rays can hit with anyone on any given day. If the pitching is not as consistent as we are all hoping it will be (as is often the case with a young staff), the offense should be able to pick up the slack a lot of the time. E-Jack is scheduled for the start tomorrow against Tampa's own Boof Bonser and the Twins.


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