Sunday, March 9, 2008

Around the Rays Universe March 9th

  • Make sure to vote for what we will name our new Rays blog here. If you think you have a better idea please leave it in the comments or email us. DRG gave us a couple of suggestions over at Rays Index (Sports Indeed).

  • Baldelli is "confident" that that he will be ready for opening day according to Marc Topkin. However, he remains vague about his obtuse leg injury. And, apparently, he does not plan on starting the season playing in the outfield, that will come only at "some point." If you want the truth, in terms of DHing, I don't know how much better Baldelli will be than Floyd. His real value to the team is his combination of defense, speed, and hitting. If we aren't going to see any defense or speed let's just put Floyd in there and see what he can do (St. Pete Times).

  • It is becoming apparent that Maddon sees things a little differently than Baldelli. He needs to see Baldelli play some full games before spring training is over (The Heater).
"It's not like we're not worried about it right now (but) over the course of the next week something's probably got to give in a positive direction to know that he's going to be able to to get out there with any kind of regularity,'' Maddon said. "You're looking to get nine innings, whether it's as a DH or an outfielder so I'd say the next week is going to be very vital or important to determine that.''
  • Rocco tells Carter Gaddis that his health is good and at the same place it was when the spring started. So why isn't he playing??? This situation just keeps getting more odd (The Tampa Tribune).
"Nothing's changed since spring training's started," he said. "My body's in the same condition it was when it started, and it's relatively good."
  • Maddon says Price will have no fear in facing A-Rod because he is a "different cat" (The Tampa Tribune).
"It would not faze him in the least. I totally believe that," Maddon said. "This guy's a different cat. He's got a lot of self-confidence. ... That guy's really motivated and directed. He's got a tremendous poise about him. It's unusual for a man of that age to be that mature."

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