Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Morning After: Rays Hammer Phils

Rays 9 (6-1), Phillies 1

Another day of the riveting live box score.


  • Niemann (see large red-head above) pitched three innings of no hit ball, although he walked two. From all accounts he looked pretty good. In other news, there is a scary picture of him on the the front page of the Rays website.
  • Sonny came in in the 9th again and and pitched another perfect inning. Maybe they are thinking of using him in the bullpen and making Niemann the fifth starter? An interesting scenario.
  • Cole Hamels started for the Phillies and the Rays were able to get to him for three runs in three innings. We are not huge Hamels fans after his recent public complaining about his 500K renewal.
  • The offense looked good all around with Bartlett and Hinske driving in two apiece.
  • The base running was very encouraging The Rays stole 4 off Hamels in his three innings of work.


  • Not much to report here: Howell gave up one run in three innings.

From all the quotes I have read it seems that the Rays want to win and are taking spring training seriously. I am very encouraged. The groundwork for a successful regular season is being laid.


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