Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gambling on the Rays

We have made the following bets with friends about the Rays upcoming season:

1. Rays will win 80 or more games

Actually, we have two of these bets out there. One is with a Red Sox fan who found the claim preposterous that the Rays had a shot of winning 80 games. He laughed and mocked and then told us how there was no way the Rays could win 80. Like most Red Sox fans he thinks he knows about all of baseball, not just the Red Sox. Of course, he knows absolutely nothing about the Rays. He didn't even know about the Garza trade. This type of ignorant arrogance has become a hallmark of Red Sox fans and is one, of many, reasons to hate them.

The other bet was with a Tigers fan. We told him we thought the Rays could win 80. He proceeded to laugh. We told him that, of all people, Tigers fans should understand that teams which have been very bad for a very long time can become good. Of course, he agreed. But then went on to tell us that there was no parallel with the Tigers because the "Rays don't have any pitching." He is an idiot.

2. Rays will win more games than the Blue Jays

This was a risky bet, whereas the Blue Jays have quite a bit of talent. But we will be going head to head with them quite a bit, which should help to put them below .500. Plus, the Blue Jays are overrated, right? Note: we will still be rooting for the Jays if they play the Red Sox or Yankees.

3. Rays will win more games than the Brewers

Also a risky bet. The Brewers were fairly good last year. They play in a weaker division than the Rays. This bet was made mostly because we are drinking the "Rays Kool-aid." Delicious.

Throughout the season we will be back updating the standings of these bets and any trash talk that may occur.


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