Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Very Own Tampa Bay Rays!

As you scant readers may have noticed this blog has mostly focused on football at both the collegiate and pro level. A variety of angles (from humor to reporting to analysis) have been used in our discussion of football. While we plan to continue writing in diverse styles, we have decided to switch focuses to the Tampa Bay Rays. This will of course be a huge disappointment to our loyal readers who eagerly away our monthly post. However, we feel that our original, interesting take on all things Rays will keep these readers while hopefully attracting new ones.

Why the Rays? Well, all of us met at Hillsborough High School in Tampa. We have been baseball fans our whole lives (still remember the day they said we were getting the "Tampa Bay Giants."). More importantly, we have been Rays fans from day one of the franchise and will continue to be fans. Thus, the writing will often be biased because it is from the perspective of long term fans. We feel there is enough objective baseball analysis out there. We need more sites for and by Rays fans (no slight to RaysIndex or Rays of Light). The new owner group has infused optimism in the long time fans and its time we shared this feeling with other Rays fans throughout the country and world (any international Rays fans out there)? Some of us still live in Tampa, while others have moved to disparate parts of the country. We hope this multi-regional analysis will bring about some interesting insights into the state of "rays universe." Universe>Nation therefore Rays>Red Sox. Foolproof.


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