Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Morning After: Rays Lose First of Spring

Astros 8, Rays 4 (4-1)

Yesterday's game was on gameday audio, albeit only the Astros broadcast. The announcers were actually half-way decent. Not bad "homers," maybe because it was just a spring training game. The Hawk would be disappointed.


  • Bossman Junior ripped a double down the left field line for an RBI in the first. He then went on to hit another double to left that drove in Crawford in the 4th. Upton scored on an error on the same play.
  • Crawford bowled over Humberto Quintero, the Astros catcher, to score on Upton's double in the 4th. Cliff Floyd was telling him to get down. Gotta love Crawford's intensity in spring training.
  • Zobrist continued his hot spring. I am trying not to get too encouraged. As a commenter on Rays of Light said the other day "Zobrist hits everywhere except Major League Regular Season." A reference to his very good numbers in the minors and spring training last year, but barely .200 average for the Rays.

  • Navarro made a error on a pickoff throw that led to an unearned run in the first.
  • The defense in general did not seem very sharp. The Rays had one of the worst D's in the league last year. Hopefully, they can use spring training to work out the kinks.
  • Dohmann, although not helped by the D, did not pitch well. He gave up four runs in one inning of work.
  • The Rays left 13 men on base. Eight of which occurred in the first three innings.

Well, we all knew the Spring winning streak would not last forever. Upton looked to be in midseason form, he has to play well for the Rays to have a chance this year. It is somewhat discouraging that the defense played so poorly. But, after all it's just spring training.


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