Monday, March 17, 2008

Nice Hair Douche

Not only is Kevin Hench (see below) a horrible writer, but he is also ugly. I think the super tall spiked hair went out of style...wait a minute it was never in style. Also, he looks like an alien. In all seriousness, this guy is butt-ugly, dumb as a rock, and has the personality of a doorknob.

Apparently, he produced some awful movie in 2007 and appears to be employed by/friends with Adam Corolla. Corolla hasn't been funny since Win Ben Stein's money. Perhaps because he has ass dumplings like Kevin Hench write for him. I mean who doesn't find humor in making fun of someone with a debilitating disease. Why stop at Rocco? Why not go after children with leukemia? What a colossal asspie.

To complain to about this idiot go here.

Until this guy is fired or he apologizes I will not be reading Fox Sports and I suggest you do the same.


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